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Tree Planting

If you would like to plant trees in roadside verges in your area, please note that planting trees by residents is subject to:

  1. Granting of a Cultivation Licence by the Unitary Council, who own and are responsible for highways (which includes roads, pavements and verges);
  1. Approval by the Town Council, who will be responsible for the long-term maintenance of local tree planting initiatives.

The Town Council have been working with a group of Sandelswood End residents for some time which we are pleased to say resulted in the installation of roadside trees in March 2021. This sort of project is more complex than one might think so Sandelswood End Residents prepared some guidance notes.

If you are interested in exploring planting trees on public land in Beaconsfield Parish, and would like a copy of the guidance notes or have any questions please do email us at

Full Council Committee meeting 18.03.21 Comment from the Sandelswood End Roadside Tree Project

“Local residents, on the lower part of Sandelswood End, are delighted that in early March, 27 flowering cherry trees ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and a number of rowan trees ‘Joseph Rock’ were planted from the junction of Ledborough Lane up to Curzon Avenue. Local residents have very generously funded all the new trees with the support of High March School. The dead trees were removed and the pavement repaired in preparation for planting.

This is a great example of local residents coming together and working with the relevant authorities to make a real difference to their local community. Many thanks to Beaconsfield Town Council, and to Bucks Council (Highways and Streets teams) for facilitating the planting. Particular thanks to Ridgeway Woodlands for sharing their knowledge and advice, and for sourcing and planting the trees. Enjoy the blossoms! “.