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Beaconsfield Town Council Opposes Plans For Wilton Park

Beaconsfield Town Council has objected to the recent planning application made to SBDC by Inland Homes for Wilton Park. Councillors are very disappointed to see that the application breaches the stated objectives and spirit of SBDC’s Core Strategy and Planning Brief for the site. Members are especially keen to see the requirement for 40% affordable housing enforced.

Deputy Planning Chairman, Cllr. James Hartley, said “Beaconsfield needs more affordable housing and better infrastructure if this development is to go ahead. The developers offered so much in their consultations that is now missing from this application and we urge SBDC to turn it down and Inland Homes to rethink their proposal”.


Press Release – Town Council Objection to Wilton Park application – 31st Oct. 2017

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