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Response to South Bucks District Council – Consultation on Green Belt December 2016

Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils have asked us to respond to their Local Plan consultation and specifically we are addressing their proposal relating to Option 9 – Area East of Beaconsfield. This suggests releasing an area of some 118 hectares from the Green Belt in order to meet forecast demands for new homes by 2036. If approved then up to 1400 new homes could be built over a 20 year period in addition to the 300 already proposed at Wilton Park. The Town Council’s response covers suitability of the proposed area, the type of development and associated requirements and details of technical work needed.

In summary this is what we said:-

“Beaconsfield Town Council believes that growth in the Town is essential in order that the community continues to prosper. Without growth it is likely that there will be decline as the existing population ages and the needs of the next generation continue to be ignored.

For the Town Council to support release of Green Belt land it must be demonstrated that exceptional circumstances exist. The development must not only address the key issues of infrastructure but also achieve the maximum amount of affordable housing. In this context the development must seek to include an appropriate volume of housing capped at a maximum of £350,000. .

Further development work will require a detailed framework masterplan, with infrastructure needs such as schools and medical facilities as well as roads and mains, with timing, phasing and so on. These needs should be assessed holistically on a town-wide basis to ensure any complementary enhancements required to the existing town are integrated. We therefore strongly recommend that at least three representatives from the local community including one from the Town Council work with landowners and developers as part of a multi-disciplinary group having responsibility to safeguard the interests of the existing population”.

Our full response can be read in this PDF  – BTC_Consultation_Response-20161212 [PDF – 348KB]

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