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Play areas not yet open

Unfortunately we are still working on the government guidance which came out a week ago regarding the opening of playgrounds and toilets.  We had thought that we would have the relevant risk assessments and signage in place and agreement with insurers by yesterday, but it simply hasn’t been possible.


Part of the issue at Malthouse Square is not Covid related, but is due to anti-social behaviour.  We suffered vandalism last weekend involving fences and posts being kicked down.  Although we mobilised contractors to fix this by Thursday, when we arrived on site on Friday, further fences had been kicked down.  This just slows down access for everyone while we try and sort it out.


We do hope to have most of our play areas accessible with proper signage by next week.  As you know, with some equipment, there is little or no ability for us to restrict access to it and so we urge you all to use common sense and to be considerate to other users in your useage.


Thank you

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