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Beaconsfield Town Council is working to safeguard our Green Belt and our residents’ futures.


Beaconsfield Town Council is committed to defending the Green Belt and maintaining the quality of life we enjoy in our town.

Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils will shortly re-consult on proposals to remove brown field sites and areas that are no longer in the front line from the Green Belt. They are responding to pressure from the Government to ensure that the Green Belt is doing what it was meant to do, protect our towns from urban sprawl and also to create opportunities to build much needed new housing, especially for first time buyers.

We want set the record straight about proposed changes to the Green Belt as some of the information in the public domain is out of date and inaccurate.

In December 2016, the Town Council responded to the original Green Belt consultation by the District Councils. At that time, we gave conditional support to a proposal to release land between the new route of the A355 and the Amersham Road and the A355 and an area bordered by Burnham Avenue, Lakes and Hedgerley Lanes (Option 9) provided the Districts could demonstrate exceptional circumstances. We said that no building should take place to the east of the Relief Road which will provide a new line of defence for the Green Belt.

In our response, we highlighted our desire to address the “affordable housing shortage” that threatens to force future generations of Beaconsfield families to move away and take some of the life out of the town. We also focused on the need for growth to ensure that our community continues to prosper and to provide greater opportunities for the next generation.

Any new development must achieve the maximum amount of affordable housing and seek to include an appropriate volume of housing capped at a maximum of £350,000. With a clear focus on the needs of local people, key workers and those looking to downsize. The land close to the M40 could be used to generate more jobs and economic growth for Beaconsfield. Development of any new homes and businesses must be conditional on new infrastructure being put in place before any development can go ahead including schools and medical facilities as well as roads and mains.

Unless these conditions are addressed, ensuring a brighter future for Beaconsfield, the Town Council could not support the proposed changes to the Green Belt. In our original response we also recommended that representatives from the local community and the Town Council work with landowners and developers to safeguard the interests of the existing population. Council Leader Alastair Pike said “When the District Councils consult again on proposed changes to the Green Belt, the Town Council will ensure that our residents get the facts and a chance to work with members to get the best outcome for the future of Beaconsfield.”

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