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A statement from the Town Clerk with regard to the Parkway Strip

A statement from the Town Clerk with regard to the Parkway Strip

A number of years ago, it was identified that current GP services in Beaconsfield would become compromised and agencies involved in the provision of GP services began planning for the future.

NHS England, the CCGs and PPGs were involved in this and specialist developers would have also been alerted. Through their analysis of the town, its needs and available plots to provide such a service, eventually an approach was made to the Town Council regarding the Parkway Strip and complex analyses were entered into by those parties.

A year ago, the Town Council announced and publicised this approach and their intention to sell the land to a national developer for the purposes of providing a much needed medical centre for the Beaconsfield. Many of you may be aware of the lack of provision of GP services in some of our neighbouring towns and the Town Council believes it has a responsibility to the whole community to assist, where possible, in the provision of services which benefit the community. With the current population, which is only set to increase, it would be very difficult for all our residents if there were no GP services available locally.

The intention to sell and the purpose was published on a national website, our the Town Council website, in the local press and on local social media.

During the summer, both local GP services published information on their own websites and sent letters to patients explaining the scheme and the plan.

The developer published their plan last year, which has been the subject of much public discussion. Many of the matters raised have resulted in changes to that plan. Technical analyses have also resulted in changes. Also the Town Council have strongly negotiated the terms and limits around this development in the best interests of our residents.

At all these stages the public have had the opportunity to engage and they have done so. Huge amounts of analysis has been undertaken by the NHS, the CCG, the GP’s Patient Participation Groups, by South Bucks District Council and by Bucks County Council.

We are aware that there are concerns around the removal of trees, but the plan includes the replacement of trees. Equally they are concerns that trees have been removed with nesting birds or bats, this has not been the case. The developer has had an Ecology officer overseeing the proceedings. There have been multiple reports provided by the developer on trees, ecology, traffic etc, all examined by SBDC and Bucks County Council and the plan has been given conditional permission by SBDC and the conditions are being complied with by the developer.

With any development there will be an amount of unavoidable disturbance to enable the development to proceed and we will at all stages encourage the developer to act in a considerate manner. The Town Council has made great efforts throughout this process to consider the best interests for the community as a whole. This is always our aim and focus.

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