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Beaconsfield Town Council is made up of 16 Town Councillors (Click here to view them) across 4 areas of the town (North, Central, South-east and West Wards.). All the councillors either work or live in Beaconsfield (often both) ensuring that they are connected with the community.

Beaconsfield Town Council is chaired by the Mayor of Beaconsfield.

The Town Council has 4 Standing committees which meet 6 times per year in addition to the Full Council.  In 2019, a Governance Committee was formed to meet as required.

Community and Safety Committee

Chair: Cllr Anita Cranmer
Deputy Chair: Cllr Sandy Saunders

Resources Committee

Chair: Cllr Alastair Pike
Deputy Chair:

Governance Committee

Chair: Cllr Lorna Shaw
Deputy Chair: Cllr Sandy Saunders

Open Spaces Committee

Chair: Cllr Clive Schofield
Deputy Chair: Cllr Alex Dunlop

Planning Committee

Chair: Cllr Graham Corney
Deputy Chair: Cllr Rita Bhalla