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Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Plan

Dear Residents and Beaconsfield Businesses,

Beaconsfield Town Council has been working with volunteer local residents to develop ideas for its Neighbourhood Plan – and now we want to hear from you.

The Neighbourhood Plan is all about the future of our community. We want to better understand what matters most to you as we develop our vision for the future of Beaconsfield. The Neighbourhood Plan will help develop a shared vision for our community and will also help us address issues about our local area and its future development.

We want to hear what you think about our community’s heritage, the future of our town centre, local transport and green and open spaces. We also want your views on our Big Ideas for each of our town’s three ‘hearts’ – Holtspur, New Town and the Old Town.

We will take into account your views as we progress our draft Neighbourhood Plan. This is just the first step in our consultation process and you’ll get to comment again in early 2022 and ultimately vote on the final plan.

Please complete the online survey here.

Alternatively you can complete a paper copy of the survey that will be delivered by Royal Mail to all households and businesses in Beaconsfield in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about the survey, please call us on 01494 675173 or email

Yours sincerely

Cllr Alastair Pike
Mayor and Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Project

November 2021



2020 Introduction to the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Plan 

Beaconsfield Town Council embarked on the Council’s first Neighbourhood Plan project in October 2020. The initial stage sought members of the community to volunteer to help shape the future look and feel of our town. Despite unusual times, we have managed to make a start, through virtual meetings on this long-term project, which would usually take around 2 years to completion. We have made great strides on gaining an understanding about what a Neighbourhood Plan is and how it sits within the bigger Planning Policy framework. We have been reviewing available data and relevant research. The bulk of our work has focused on looking at Environment & Design and Housing. Now our teams will turn their attention to the ‘3 hearts of the town’, bringing together the three pillars of our community centres, namely Working, Shopping and Living.

We look forward to the end of lockdown when we aim to invite the public to view our progress and to seek out views and opinions from residents and businesses. Your thoughts and ideas will really help shape the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. Our aim is to help create a vibrant and thriving community, and also help provide the building blocks to facilitate a greater sense of community in all areas of our town.

Alexa Collins, Town Clerk

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan (NP) puts in place a planning policy for a neighbourhood area. It is about the use and development of land and often contains a vision, aims and planning policy. It will relate to the settlement area of the community (in our case the Parish boundary) and as the Town’s setting is flanked with green belt, green belt will be out of the scope of our NP. Issues that maybe included in the NP are housing, employment, design, heritage and transport. If successfully adopted the NP becomes part of the statutory development for the area. As such it has more weight than a Parish or community plan. The NP should not be confused with a Local Plan which will be produced at a higher level and relates to a larger area. Importantly the two must recognise each other and in this respect, whichever is adopted first has an advantage. The failure of the SBDC Draft Local Plan being adopted means that the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Plan is likely to be finalised before the new Buckinghamshire Local Plan.

Councillor Alastair Pike, Steering Group Chair