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Langres High Street

Langres High Street

As you enter Beaconsfield you’ll see the road signs marking the town’s borders say ‘Twinned with Langres’.

Recognised as one of the 50 prettiest towns in France, Langres, in the Champagne Ardennes region of North East France, has been our twin town since 1995.  With a history dating back to pre-Roman times, Langres’ medieval walls and spectacular hill top defences cut an imposing figure in the picturesque French landscape.  The town is full of fascinating architecture and its cathedral, town hall and museum are particularly impressive.  Surrounding Langres are four beautiful lakes, a canal linking the Marne and Rhone rivers and lovely rolling countryside.  With its many hotels, there is a wide choice of accommodation in both style and price within the ramparts and outside.

Langres is undoubtedly worth a visit and its proximity to several of France’s main Autotroutes means that cities like Paris, Lyon and Basel are all within reach.  It is between four and five hours drive due south from Calais on the A26, 60km north of Dijon.  The TGV train station is a Chaumont, about 15 minutes drive due north of Langres, which has direct trains to and from Paris daily.

The aims of the Beaconsfield Twinning Association (BTA) are to

a) promote the exchange of young people between schools and families and through this help lay the foundation for better relations in future generations

b) enjoy the benefits of cultural exchanges between all manner of individuals in both towns

c) foster, at amateur level, exchanges between local clubs and other associations to bring people of all ages together in a spirit of friendship and goodwill.

Joining the BTA is a great way to get to know the people from Langres, to enjoy their hospitality (and they ours!) and generally have fun.  There are regular hosted visits to Langres for members of the Association and reciprocal visits from Langres to Beaconsfield.  When possible we facilitate school visits to and from Langres involving children, teachers and family exchanges.  Young people from Beaconsfield area have also performed at Langres Fête de la Musique.  At home we have activities for Beaconsfield Twinning members throughout the year from coffee mornings, to themed film evenings and dinners, wine and cheese events and more.  You don’t have to speak French to join BTA and enjoy all the benefits and the fun.  There’s something for everyone in Twinning.

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