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About the Town Council

Beaconsfield Town Council is very close to its community; consulting with residents and addressing their comments and concerns. Where problems are the responsibility of other local government organisations, it will consult with those councils to make sure that its residents concerns are addressed.  The Town Council employs one full time administrator – the Town Clerk – and her assistant and a  handyman, both of whom are part time.

Council meetings (Click here to view the upcoming meetings) are generally held on a Thursday and are open to the Public. The first meeting of an evening will usually commence at 7.45pm, in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend, as the meetings discuss Town finances, local current affairs of the day and planning issues that affect the Town and its residents. Beaconsfield Town Council encourages residents to attend these meetings.

The Town Council is made up of 16 Town Councillors (Click here to view them) who have been elected by the people of Beaconsfield and who serve for a period of four years.  Town Council elections take place every four years having last been held in 2011. The Town Councillors are responsible for the four Wards of Beaconsfield – North, Central, South-east and West Wards.

The Mayor of Beaconsfield is the official head of the Town Council.  Other duties include meeting dignitaries, welcoming distinguished visitors and attending important events and community activities within the Town.  The Mayor helps promote the Town by meeting other Town Mayors and local government officers.

Once an Urban District Council, Beaconsfield had the power to make its own decisions on planning applications, finance etc. On the 1st April 1974 following a local government re-organisation Beaconsfield Urban District Council merged with Eton Rural District Council to create South Bucks District Council (SBDC).  This re-organisation brought together twelve parishes under one authority and at the same time created Beaconsfield Town Council.  This change took away some of the Town’s responsibilities, e.g. decisions on planning applications; but Beaconsfield Town Council still has the right to be consulted and make observations on planning issues which are relayed to SBDC for consideration.  The community still relies heavily on the Town Council to look after their parks and open spaces, ensuring Beaconsfield remains an enjoyable place to live in.