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Open Spaces

Geary’s Piece
Geary’s Piece is a strip of Land along the A40, right hand side, as you travel from the New Town towards High Wycombe from approximately the second pond area to the garden centre.

Parkway Strip
Parkway Strip is the strip of Land along the A40, right hand side, as you travel from the Old Town towards High Wycombe from the garden centre premises to where Walk Wood Rise meets with the A40.

Oak Lodge Meadow
Windsor End
Licensed to the Rugby Club each September to April.

One Tree Meadow
One Tree Lane
Area of grassed land for recreational use.

Nature Reserves
Holtspur Bank Nature Reserve is owned by Beaconsfield Town Council. Please see the Nature Reserves page for more information.

Walk Wood

Walk Wood

Walk Wood

This ancient, varied, broad-leaved wood was once part of the grounds of the well-known statesman and philanthropist Edmund Burke’s house.

Improvements to the health and condition of this amenity have been carried out in association
with the Chiltern Woodlands Project. These improvements include ongoing control of Laurel, grey squirrel control and the felling of diseased Elms.

Areas affected by gale damage have been thinned or re-planted with Beech, Oak, Wild Cherry and Hornbeam.

Walk Wood is accessible from paths off Grove Road, Tilsworth Road and Walk Wood Rise. It is owned and managed by the Town Council.

Wooburn Green Lane Sports Field

This area is used mainly for football games. It currently has three full size pitches and one three quarters pitch.   The football pitches are contracted out to different football leagues who play there though out the football season.