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Holtspur Bank Local Nature Reserve

Holtspur Bank is a conservation area to the west of Beaconsfield consisting of 3.5 Hectares of chalk grassland and 3.5 Hectares of ancient woodland, designated as a local nature reserve (LNR) in 1995.

Pyramidal Orchids by Shirley Shrivener

Pyramidal Orchids by Shirley Shrivener

The reserve is situated to the west side of Holtspur Top Lane and can be reached by footpath 33 which is opposite Cherry Tree Road or by going along Riding Lane to the five barred gate on the left just before the right hand bend.

The opening ceremony took place in September 1995 in the presence of local people and school children.  The ribbon was cut by the mayor of that year, Mrs Jo Roundell-Green together with the then chairman of the management committee Dr. Les Davies.

Since then it has been managed by Beaconsfield Town Council with advice from DEFRA, Natural England, Butterfly Conservation and Wycombe Rangers.  ‘The Friends of Holtspur Bank’ – group of volunteers – arrange work parties to help with maintenance and organise walks and events of interest throughout the year which are led by experts in their field.

During the spring and summer months it is a flowery haven for insects and birds.  Many species of orchid can found and this is one of only two sites in South Buckinghamshire where the dormouse can be found.

‘The Friends of Holtspur Bank’ welcome new members who would like to be involved in the practical conservation of the Reserve.

Further information can be obtained from their web site or from the Chairman of ‘The Friends of Holtspur Bank’ – please contact Dr Les Davies on Tel: 07919 336713


Holtspur Bottom Butterfly Conservation Area

Near by to Holtspur Nature Reserve is Holtspur Bottom Butterfly Conservation Area (4.5 hectares )

Comma Butterfly by Jim Asher

Comma Butterfly by Jim Asher

The chalk grassland, recreated after arable cultivation, has successfully become home to uncommon butterflies and moths.  This valley-bottom chalk grassland was almost entirely lost to arable cultivation and has become home to species of butterflies and moths.

Nearly half the recorded species of butterfly found in England can be seen here including Small Blue, Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper, Dark Green Fritillary and the moth, Striped Lychnis.

For more information concerning Butterfly Conservation in Holtspur Bottom see