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2 days ago

Town Clerk

Unfortunately we are still working on the government guidance which came out a week ago regarding the opening of playgrounds and toilets. We had thought that we would be able to get the relevant risk assessments and signage in place and agreement with insurers by yesterday, but it simply hasn’t been possible.

Part of the issue at Malthouse Square is not Covid related, but is due to anti-social behaviour. We suffered vandalism last weekend involving fences and posts being kicked down. Although we mobilised contractors to fix this by Thursday, when we arrived on site on Friday, further fences had been kicked down. This just slows down access for everyone while we try and sort it out.

We do hope to have most of our play areas accessible with proper signage by next week. As you know, with some equipment, there is little or no ability for us to restrict access to it and so we urge you all to use common sense and to be considerate to other users.

Thank you
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4 weeks ago

Town Clerk

We strongly support this idea from the Beaconsfield Society.

I'm not sure we have the same tech savviness to block or restrict, but we certainly endorse the idea of not wanting anonymous or unidentifiable people posting spurious and misleading comments.⚠️A little advanced warning ⚠️- we frequently review out editorial controls on the page and in line with a lot of other pages on Facebook - we are adopting a non-anonymous approach in future. (That's what they call it! 🙂 )
This means any user of our page (either liker or follower) that currently has us listed on their restricted list, or who does not allow messages from us to them - we will shortly be banning those people from using the page in future.

Likes, comments and viewing will be stopped. If you want to participate on the page in future you won't be allowed to remain anonymous any more 🙂

Why are we doing this? It is important that we prevent trolling and spurious comments and do not want to allow people to remain anonymous when making comments or reactions - we encourage debate and we want it to remain civil stop anonymous accounts protects all on the page.

So if you are in that category we will we are allowing time for you to consider what you might want to do.
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7:30 pm Planning Committee 06-08-2020
Planning Committee 06-08-2020
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7:30 pm Planning Committee 03-09-2020
Planning Committee 03-09-2020
Sep 3 @ 7:30 pm
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Planning Committee 01-10-2020
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Not all meetings are live streamed.

04/04/20 Legislation has been passed to enable virtual meetings to take place.

Beaconsfield Town Council meetings are generally held on a Thursday evening and the timings may vary.


Coronavirus update

During this difficult time, Beaconsfield Town Council are committed to keeping you connected with the services and activities that are going on in our town.

As part of the measures to manage the Coronavirus Public Health situation Beaconsfield Town Council have made arrangements for staff to be able to work from home.  As they won’t be in the office to pick up the phone, the best way to contact is via email on and this can be accessed by our office staff who will be able to respond to you.

For the time being, both the Town Hall and the Public Conveniences at Windsor End will be closed until further notice.

In the meantime, please make sure you know where to go to keep up to date with the latest advice.

A useful resource from Buckinghamshire Council if you are looking for help is here - Directory

If you feel ill please go to

For government advice please see


Locally, the Beaconsfield Coronavirus Volunteer Network is an initiative that is being co-ordinated through Better Connect Beaconsfield

You can follow them on Facebook here


For the advice around the county please look at the Bucks Community Hub on the following link.

Heart of Bucks has launched the Bucks Coronavirus Appeal, please give generously as many will face hardship dealing with this crisis

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Beaconsfield is served by a range of schools, both public and private from Pre-school to secondary.
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Who to contact?

The three councils covering Beaconsfield are Beaconsfield Town Council, South Bucks District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council. Each is responsible for different services and amenities.

Who to contact?

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The link below has useful numbers for transport, utilities and support services in case you need to get in touch with them
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Beaconsfield Town Council is a consultee of South Bucks District Council’s (SBDC) Planning Committee for Beaconsfield applications.

For the latest information on planning and planning application visit SBDC’s planning website.

Sporting Facilities

From Tennis to Rugby, Golf to working out in the Gym, Beaconsfield boasts a wide range of Sports clubs and facilities. If you wish to find out more or give it go click the link below for their contact details.
Beaconsfield Sporting Facilities

Response to Green Belt Preferred Options Consultation

summary this is what we said:-

“Beaconsfield Town Council believes that growth in the Town is essential in order that the community continues to prosper. Without growth it is likely that there will be decline as the existing population ages and the needs of the next generation continue to be ignored.

For the Town Council to support release of Green Belt land it must be demonstrated that exceptional circumstances exist. The development must not only address the key issues of infrastructure but also achieve the maximum amount of affordable housing. In this context the development must seek to include an appropriate volume of housing capped at a maximum of £350,000. .

Further development work will require a detailed framework masterplan, with infrastructure needs such as schools and medical facilities as well as roads and mains, with timing, phasing and so on. These needs should be assessed holistically on a town-wide basis to ensure any complementary enhancements required to the existing town are integrated. We therefore strongly recommend that at least three representatives from the local community including one from the Town Council work with landowners and developers as part of a multi-disciplinary group having responsibility to safeguard the interests of the existing population”.

12th December 2016

Read the full response