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Beaconsfield Town Council is committed to being transparent and open.

The Town Council follows the Model Publication Scheme as laid out by the Information Commissioner.

Published Documents:

Standing Orders – Beaconsfield-Standing-Orders-201204 (pdf)

Code of Conduct – Beaconsfield Town Council – Code of Conduct for Members (pdf)

Financial Regulations – Financial Regulations February 2005 (pdf)

Model Publication Scheme – coming soon

Town Plan – Beaconsfield Town Council Town Plan 2017 (pdf)

Registers of interests – Registers of interests of Beaconsfield councillors [external link]

Accounts, Precepts and Receipts:

The council publishes its accounts. The following are currently available online.

If the documents and information that you are looking for are not available online please contact the Town Hall who will be able to assist.