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About the Mayor

Beaconsfield Town Council is lead by a Mayor and Deputy.   Both roles are elected annually in May by the other Town Councillors, although the Deputy Mayor will frequently be selected to carry out the duties of Mayor the following year.

The Mayor of Beaconsfield for 2016/2017 is Councillor Patrick Hogan.

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Chris Owen.

Councillor Patrick Hogan

Councillor Patrick Hogan
Mayor of Beaconsfield 2016-17

Chris Owen - Deputy Mayor of Beaconsfield

Councillor Chris Owen
Deputy Mayor of Beaconsfield 2016-17

Former Beaconsfield Mayors

Year Mayor Deputy Mayor
Councillor Alastair Pike

Alastair Pike

John Read

Mayor John Read

Patrick Hogan Deputy Mayor 2015-2016

Patrick Hogan


Steve Jones

Mayor Steve Jones 2014-2015

John Read

John Read


Former Mayor Sandy Saunders

Mayor Sandy Saunders

Matt Denyer Deputy Mayor 2013-2014

Matt Denyer


Former Mayor Graham Corney

Mayor Graham Corney

Sandy Saunders Deputy Mayor 2012-2013

Sandy Saunders


Former Mayor Richard Keith

Mayor Richard Keith

Graham Corney Deputy Mayor

Graham Corney

2010-2011 Cllr. Janet Simmonds
2009-2010 Cllr. Kenneth Brown
2008-2009 Cllr. Henry Wilson
2007-2008 Cllr. Jacquetta Lowen-Cooper
2006-2007 Cllr. Stephen Jones
2005-2006 Cllr. Archie Legg
2004-2005 Cllr. Alan Walters
2003-2004 Cllr. Bernard Woolf
2002-2003 Cllr. Graham Smith
2001-2002 Cllr. Nico Sacchetti
2000-2001 Cllr. Malcolm Dunlop
1999-2000 Cllr. Paul Henry
1998-1999 Cllr. Leslie Davies
1997-1998 Cllr. Lesley Mallinder
1996-1997 Cllr. Margaret Dewar
1995-1996 Cllr. Joanna Roundell Greene
1994-1995 Cllr. Stephen Smalley
1993-1994 Cllr. Robert Malden
1992-1993 Cllr. Nancy Wood
1991-1992 Cllr. Eric Bridger
1990-1991 Cllr. Ian Johnson
1989-1990 Cllr. Shirley Scrivener
1988-1989 Cllr. James Mathie
1987-1988 Cllr. Jack Mckenzie
1986-1987 Cllr. Ann Thomson
1985-1986 Cllr. Richard Wheeler
1984-1985 Cllr. Elsie Barton
1983-1984 Cllr. Kenneth Powell
1982-1983 Cllr. Barbara Easton
1981-1982 Cllr. Alastair Dyer
1980-1981 Cllr. Elizabeth Chadwick
1979-1980 Cllr. Anne Burnham
1978-1979 Cllr. Ivor Kynoch
1977-1978 Cllr. Robert Baile
1976-1977 Cllr. Hugh Simmonds
1975-1976 Cllr. George Roundell Greene
1973-1975 Cllr. Ronald Scarles